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Apart the first year, all other lectures are freely accessible for registered users – so as long as you are an apprentice of the LKS.


1. Year (public)

Purpose: Talk about your new situation as an apprentice. What to talk about the company, the LKS school and the apprenticeship ?

Tell about your situation, describe another person physically.

Guide someone through a company site. Describe buildings by their charcter.

Learn more about your Lorenz-Kaim vocational school.

By the help of two examples, write a text about your own company.

For technical work everyone needs tools. Learn more about your workshop, your desk and be able to describe how to use your tools.

2. Year

Purpose: Discussing technical drawings & parameters. Learn what’s important to write good quality business correspondences.

What kind of drawings do exist? How do I manage to describe technical symbols and how do I navigate someone to a certain component within a drawing?

Learn more about formal aspects, writing style and structuring your lettres. What makes a written text SMART? 

Use a „toolbox“ that may help you finding fragments for your writing.

First steps on opening and closing a phone call in a professional manner.

Grammatical structures of English questions 

3. Year

Purpose: Preparation for the „KMK-Zertifikat“. Working on two examples. Applying lettre writing and phone calls.


  1. Listening Example (e.g. phone call or pod-cast)
  2. Reading Example (technical text & questionaire)
  3. Writing Example (mostly a business lettre)
  4. Translating Example (another technical text)

Some information given on phone need to be absolutely correct; e.g.

  1. phone numbers
  2. computer-links
  3. computer directories
  4. order/part-numbers

Apart numbers and the alphabet, some special characters are used!

What makes a phone call professional? Do’s and don’t speaking with a customer.

General Purpose & Useful To Know

Problems (for German speakers) to distinguish in choosing „of“ or „for“.

When does one has to write capialized, where is the difference to German writing?

Avoide speaking „Loddar-English“.

About The "KMK Fremdsprachenzertifikat"

What is it about, why doing it, why useful

As trained in the 3rd year of the apprenticeship, the content should be known. Some mor Information about:

  1. Proceeding the exam
  2. Example of the certifcate
  3. The grading („Noten“)


  1. The written exam is at a fixed date given by the Bavarian Governmnet. You need to ask your company to get a morning off. It  takes about 90 minutes. Depending to your job profession it is always ending April or beginning May.
  2. The oral part takes about 20 min. It’s togehter with another class mate (of your choice).  The appointment has to be arranged by your teacher. It’s usually during the regular time at school.

Paying fees: You have to pay € 30,- in advance.

That’s when you hand over your registration form to your teacher (Around March/April)