For: All Apprentices

Gear-Up Your English: 1. Year

Objectives: After leaving shool, you’re now starting to learn new a profession. That’s obviously a new situation.  If you are sent abroad, or you travel,  if you’re asked (by your supervisor) to care for a colleague from another country. You need to talk or exchange information. During the first year of  your apprenticeship, we are dealing with matters that eases to communicate with others from abroad.

KMK Relvance: Introducing yourself, describing persons, your workplace, your company, your education (oral part).


Introduce Yourself

When you start working in a new company, there will be a lot of people you don’t know yet. In return, the most of them are curious about the „Newbee“. That makes it necessary starting a little of casual talk and tell about yourself.

Because, you don’t know the most of your classmates, you’ll have to introduce someone else by the help of information cards.

Getting Around A Company Site

Also, your environment might be new. Sooner or later you’ve to get orientated. If people describe where to go,  you need to understand how they describe buildings and parts of the company site. Later in your career, it might happen that you have to guide someone around your company.

We do that by the example of your vocational school. Hopfully it eases you to get orientated and quickly feel at home.

About The LKS Vocational School

When it comes to questions about your school, what can you tell? Actually, what are the details that others may ask? Are you yet prepared? Maybe we can do better.

Learn more about your vocational school by working with a text, that offers a few more back-ground information.

My Company

A lot of companies in Upper-Franconia do international business. Or maybe you’ve the chance to go abroad? With non-German speakers in a professional situation it’s most probable that conversation comes across many aspects of your company’s busines

Rewrite a given text and adapt it exactly to your company. There’s one for a medim-sized and one for a small-sized company.

Workshop & Tools

In the next years, the workshop will be the place to stay for the most of your time. Learn about tools and be able to describe your actions when working at a workpiece. It eases the situation a lot, if you can communicate tasks you need to do – and it is essential for your teamwork!