For: All Apprentices

Gear-Up English: 1.Year

Objective:  If you need to visit an unknown company site, it is necessary to get orientated. We do that by the example of the school’s location. That also helps to find your way around the real school. We also learn how discribe different types of buildings.

KMK Relevance:   none particularly

Entering the LKS-Site

What Belongs to The School's Site?

Air View

from satelite to Kronach

The School's Site

Surrounded by A BLUE LINE


English Section


Training & Tests

Types of Buildings

To distinguish between different buildings, several characteristics of it’s architecture are obviously useful.

How would you characterize these buildings?

Parts Of A House


10 Review Questions

In the main building (A). It’s modern fife storys office building.

Inside the foyer, there is a kiosk where you can buy drinks and some snacks. Also you find machines to get lemonade and different types of coffee.

They are in the staff room. That’s in the ground floor of the mainbuilding.

That’s a water fontain. An artwork made in the 80th of the last century.

It’s forbidden on the entire site of the school. But the smokers may meet on the parking lots in front of the school.

There are public parking lots behind the public hall, and to the left and right side of driveway from the „Rodacher Str.“

There are ashbins all over the school site.

Yes, there is a gym especially for the LKS school.