For: All Apprentices

Gear-Up English: 1.Year

Objective:  Of course, for starting your apprenticeship you also have to go to a school. Learn more about the Lorenz-Kaim vocational school here in Kronach.

KMK Relevance:   Describing particulary the educational part of your apprenticeship. (oral part)


About Vocational Education Training (VET)

The dual system is a part of the German education system. That’s organized as a cooperation between (mainly) small and medium sized companies and publicly funded vocational schools. The entire vocational education is regulated by law. The apprentices in the dual system typically spend a week (12 in total by a school year) at a vocational school and in between three to four weeks at their companies, or they may spend longer periods at each place before alternating. Dual training usually lasts two to three-and-a-half years.

Source: BMBF – „German Vocational Training“ [07:55 min.]

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The Lorenz-Kaim Vocational School

10 Review Questions

… about 1600 in the current year.

The school begins at 07:40 a.m.

There’s a gymnasium and a sports field near the school.

That’s the main building (named „A“)

They do their final examination at the chamber of (industry and) commerce.

The breakfast break takes 15 minutes.

There are the universities of applied sciences in Hof and Coburg.

The money you get each month is called „salary.

If you get „wages“: That means you’re payed by hours or the number of pieces you produce.